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Video grabs people's attention, engages their interest and provokes involvement.

 But it works at so many more levels.

To understand why there are three aspects you have to know about:

  • How search engines rank pages
  • How people behave on while viewing websites
  • How video impacts on on the brain

Search engines

SEO is a huge subject of its own so we will only look at the impact of video on search engines. 

If you want to understand Search Engines better we suggest you look at "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide" published by Google.

A quick summary of the benefits to ranking includes:

  • Search engines generally favour pages containing video 
  • You can double your search traffic by having a video thumbnail in your search results
  • They have a significantly higher click-through rate - so they see more and the search engines rank pages on click-through
  • People stay much longer on video pages - so they see more and the search engines rank pages on time spent
  • Video pages attract 3 times more inbound links - good for immediate traffic and ranking
  • You can get found on YouTube which is a major search engine in its own right - second only to Google

How do people react when they arrive at a video page

It is a curious fact that he longer someone stays the less likely they are to leave the page in in the next period. If they stay 10 seconds - which is more than average - they are less likely to leave in the next 10 seconds."

It is not really so strange as it sounds; they have a very quick scan and if it does not appeal they move on. However, if something catches their eye they pay it some attention. But they are not exclusively focused on the one thing they have noticed so they spot others and then pay them attention. And if you give them a reason to "click-through" they will do so.

So your challenge is to get them to linger a fraction more than the average. Given mans natural curiosity when he spots something that might be interesting he investigates. If it is behind a curtain or under a stone he moves it, if it is a video that requires a click he does so. And he then has to pause as the initial few seconds grab his attention - you've got him!

Why is video so persuasive? - Emotion and Attention!

Attention; the brain processes visual information far more quckly than text (about 60,000x). So the first impact of video is "Wow, I'm getting lots of information, let me evaluate it". Video grabs your attention!

Emotion; text presents facts. Video - even a simple talking head - communicates: 

  • Tone of voice
  • Body language
  • Facial expressions
  • Music Stories
  • Etc.

In other words emotion...

...And it is emotion that drives our decisions

We will explore this in more detail in our blog and our courses but in the meantime:

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