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Deciding what to produce demands more thought than you might expect!

 Often the first question we are asked is, "Can make a film about ...?

Well, we're not stupid so the answer is "Yes."

But we always add our own question, "What do you want to achieve?" And frequently this has not really been thought throuigh. There are many objectives you can fulfil with video and many different ways of using video to achieve it.

ErlingMatzDeciding what approach to take

  • This should be influencd by, among other things:
  • Who (precisely) your audience is
  • What you want them to do after watching the video
  • Your product or service
  • Your budget
  • Your (or your in-house) expertise

Getting this right will help you zero in on...


Of which there are many possible options, including:

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Build authority or reputaion
  • Develop a relationship
  • Maintain a connection
  • Make an immediate sale
  • Explain how to use your product or service

And once you have decided on this you can decide on the overall strategy:

  • A single video
  • A series of videos
  • A combination of the two (perhaps - one longer + several short)
  • A video blog

Production Values

This term is used in the industry to describe the nature of the shots that make up the video - it does not mean good or bad. High production values will mean more shots, taking longer to set up, with more expensive cameras and lenses, careful and extensive lighting, and a larger crew - director, camera, lighting, audio etc. Lower values will mean smaller crew, less expensive equipment and faster production. 

But this does not mean lower quality - just think of the difference between making War & Peace and Newsnight.

And it is surprising what can be done with the simplest of equipment. Watch the video below - what was used to shoot and edit it?

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