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Slideshow1 1240 600Mike Burgess, MD of a "smallish" company, was at a networking meeting when he embarked on the journey that would cost him a the best part of a year in his marketing efforts. Somebody mentioned he should be using video.

Mike researched the impact of video, concluded they were right, developed an idea for a video, sought a suitable video company and asked them to produce it for him. They did. The video was well shot and edited for a resaonable price and embedded of his website. He then waited for it to have an impact. Nothing!

Mike told me about this at another networking meeting after he had heard we made videos. He wasn't angry, just disappointed.

So I asked him the the three questions we ask when we are invited to produce videos:

  • Who, precisely, is your audience?
  • What do you want them to think or do after seeing the video?
  • How do you intend to use the video?

The answer to the first is frequently "customers" accompanied by a wry smile implying the answer is obvious. But is it existing customers, potential customers, customers from a new market segment. If you are a B2B company then who in the company; the MD, a buyer, an accountant, sales person...?

Generally it is not something people have actually considered. And as a consequence it is not possible for them to answer the second question.

And then there is the whole question of how you want to use video. You can do many things with video:

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Develop your authority once peole are there
  • Maintain contact
  • Start conversations
  • Explain the intricasies of a product or service...

All of which will determine the overall strategy. Should you spend all your budget on a video with high production values (I will explain that term later) or produce several less expensive videos?

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