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Begin with the end in mind

The objective of video is to change the way people think or act! So, who are you influencing and what do you want them to think or do?

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Its the story, not the pictures

Effective video begins with a pencil and paper, not a camera. We are hard wired to be captivated by good stories...

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Reaching the audience

No matter how well planned, written and crafted, if you don't reach your audience...
  will be a wasted exercise.

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So now you have a video! The challenge is to ensure it is seen... the right people!

300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute

Putting the video on YouTube will not bring you viewers, so the next step is to look at how you get it noticed. There are two aspects to this; the first might be described as passive and the other active and each can be equally important depending on the overall strategy you have adopted.

Passive measures

These include tagging and annotating the video, identifying key words, ensuring they are in the title and making it easy for viewers to "like" or "tweet" the video.

Active measures

These are more diverse but include referencing it in newsletters, talking about it in blogs, mentioning it on LinkedIn. You can also ask suppliers and existing customers to spread the word. And if you have made a case study video you can certainly get the focus of your case study to promote it.

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